High-quality corporate publishing with Quark QPS8 and dio:content

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Among other things the customer magazines of Daimler, eBay, Lufthansa Cargo, E.R. Schiffahrt, and Gärtz are produced by the creative and Europe-wide award-winning Hamburg agency PRH. The 22 internal employees of PRH Hamburg are supported in the areas of project management, editing, and photo and graphic design by a large number of external correspondents, photographers, and translators.

For creation and publishing, PRH Hamburg has recently begun relying on the proven duo of QPS 8 and dio:content in connection with the Quark Web hub; together, these tools make the entire process transparent and they hold it together from creation to the customer.  The direct connection of dio:content to QPS enables efficient work and, thanks to the seamless integration into the workflow, makes work possible immediately for all participants.

Holger Bartsch, IT-Manager PRH Hamburg:

„Integrating QPS 8 with dio:content is a good approach for us. The media neutrality of dio:content corresponds to QPS. QPS writes directly into the dio:content database and retrieves data from dio:content. Paired with the effective QPS workflow components, this provides us with an optimal, efficient workflow.“

With dio:content, you can professionalize your digital content:
you can find professional asset management with exciting, real applications in industry and publishing online »»

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