picturesafe reduces costs and increases throughput of the press article system for Hubert Burda Media

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Press release, May 27, 2010

picturesafe reduces costs and increases throughput of the press article system for Hubert Burda Media

picturesafe’s new data preparation for Hubert Burda Media goes along with an increase in efficiency, technological development, and cost reduction.

For the first time, picturesafe is preparing periodicals from Hubert Burda Media and editing external press sources for the HBM press pool at the request of Burda Information Services GmbH. The internal and external press articles are categorized automatically for all topics including politics, business, culture, entertainment, fashion, and food and the quality is ensured with manual post-processing – thanks to picturesafe, this is as efficient and technologically-economically effective as never before.

picturesafe’s new service offers both cost efficiency thanks to very fast completely-automatic text analysis as well as the greatest possible quality assurance of a trained editorial staff.

„Our system allows the customer to acquire large quantities of various sources, to unify these, and to categorize them by keyword completely automatically. In a second step, our full-time editorial staff ensures the quality of these completely-automatic processes. This way, we can deliver such articles with very high speed and especially security that correspond to the customer-specific search pattern,“ says project manager Philipp Sternberg.

It was not necessary to „reinvent the wheel“ to record clippings in a subprocess and check the result by hand in a second step. By contrast, however, the „bearing“ in which it runs:  speed and reliability.

The picturesafe system is offered as an ASP and as a customer server solution. In both cases, standard computers ensure the processing of up to 300,000 articles per hour; the potential of high-performance hardware, which is also supported, is even higher.  The results made available by the machine subdivide the raw texts into categories and subcategories with 93% accuracy; they detects people, locations, and companies; and they therefore offer the editorial staff a quick overview of where manual intervention is necessary, which articles are not worth reading, and which ones can be transferred to the customer repository after a visual inspection. The already-large hit quota of the completely-automatic process, which also works very fast, is enriched with simple decision-making tools and presented to a human user for final acceptance. Human users are in this special case trained, professional editors who achieve an output quality of more than 99.5%:

Nearly every article delivered by picturesafe corresponds precisely to customer requirements and is correctly and completely categorized by keyword. 
The particularities of the system include a few Burda-specific adaptations.

Thus, for example, the customer defines so-called „editorial rules“: depending on the input source, the content, number of articles to be delivered, and the delivery date are pre-defined per output. Therefore, only correct, and in particular customer-specific relevant articles are delivered in the results.

Furthermore, HBM has the capability to delivery some articles in Adobe Indesign INDD format. Long known among professionals who deal in automatic text recognition and processing as an „unreadable“ format, picturesafe now offers a solution for reading in and categorizing by keyword this and other „closed“ formats such as Quark Express XPS. Thus, above all, it is possible for companies that do not have the ability to export their content in XML to import nearly all content into such a research and categorization system.


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