De Persgroep choose dio:content for assetmanagement and editorial workflow solution

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About De Persgroep
Be Part Of Our Passion. De Persgroep aims to operate newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcasters and electronic media that gradually grow into the strongest media brands in their market segments.

The entire stategy is attuned to a passion for our readers, viewers, listeners and internet users. We measure tthe real value of business by its success with them.

De Persgroep has the strongest media brands in house to offer solutions for advertisers to build their brands through effective advertising at the most competitive cost.

De Persgroep’s main newspaper titles are Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen, Parool, Tijd and L’Echo. We publish magazines Dag Allemaal, TV Familie, Joepie, Goed Gevoel, Nina, DM Magazine, Vacature and free city magazines Zone 02/, Zone 09/ and Zone 03/.

And last but not least we run different websites, radio stations and commercial (local and national) television. De Persgroep recently acquired PcM uitgevers in the Netherlands. The number of editorial staff is doubled. We will deploy De Persgroep’s solution to minimize the development and ICT staff.

Editorial system at De Persgroep

The editorial system of ‚De Persgroep‘ is a based on QPS 8.1(Quark Inc.) and dio:content (Picturesafe Gmbh). We started full pagination in 1994 with QPS at De Morgen with QPS 1.12 and Fotoware to replace Atex. Image workflows was simply folder based.  After De Morgen, in 1995, we installed QPS 1.12 at HLN. We installed Image Depot from Hasselblad to store image coming from the newswires and image archiving. Image workflows was also folderbased.

We upgraded QPS on both sites when version 2.11 was released.
De Persgroep acquired Het Parool in 2003. We cloned our production environment, QPS 2.11 and Fotoware, to get them going. De Persgroep is participating in Mediafin since 2006. Mediafin is focussing on financial publications. We installed QPS 3.5 and QCM 3.5 for their 2 newspaper titles – Tijd and L’Echo – and several magazines like Netto, Mon Argent Sabato. De Belegger / L’Investissuer, etc. We designed a new databasedriven pictureworkflow based on QCM from Quark with the seamless integration of Agfa Intellitune.

In 2007, we also upgraded Het Laatste Nieuws to QPS 3.5 and QCM. The idea was to install a central asset management system for new and archived images, articles and pages for all the publications of De Persgroep. Since we wanted to migrate to QPS 7.5 and higher, we also needed to replace QCM as central store. We selected dio:content that offered seamless integration with QPS 7.5 and 8.1.


QPS 7 is a complete new revision of QPS, build on industry standards like MS SQL databases, Java, Spring framework, Javascript, webservices, API’s, etc.

With the new development platform, we can develop complete server side solutions in-house, based on QPS and the Quark Xpress server. We became Self integrator, so to speak. Some examples of our development are XML import, XML export, Print robot, Archive robot, Set attribute robot, Page creator and last but not least the regio robot.

We can still develop client side Xtentions, written in C++, but we prefer server application for redundancy, scalability, managability, …


dio:content is an ‚asset management‘ solution with proven performance for many millions of assets. dio:CONTENT is running on Oracle, a database standard for De Persgroep. It runs in a cluster and the database connects to multiple application servers to garantuee the scalability of the solution.

dio:content provides acces authorization and extended seach functionality thru the organisation of the data, mediapools and users profiles. Picturesafe offers content and storage adapters to QPS. This enables us to integrate dio:content seamless in the new pictureflow, without overloading the dio:content system with all processes needed in production. Picturesafe and De Persgroep worked close together to integrate the different components like image import, transfer to QPS, integration of Agfa Intellitune, archiving published assets from QPS like PDF pages, QCD articles.

Picturesafe provides API’s to integrate very fast, enabling reliable asset management within our proper applications. With dio:content and Quark Xpress Server and QPS, we have system components that we can use to built inhous applications fitting to users needs.

Automatic archive of QPS Assets

All published assets are automatically stored in dio:content. The objects are linked together, the relations can be reused at later retrieval.  Automating layout for regional pages at Het Laatste Nieuws. This robot paginates regional pages fully automatically with articles and images stored in the dio:content environment.

Online editor
dio:content is fully integrated in the editor for online publications. Online editors can find and use images that have the correct mediapool.

Multimedia editor
We will release a multimedia editor for our newsrooms shortly. The multimedia editor is a webbased editor that enables the editors to work for web and print publications with one single frontend application. Multimedia editor integrates the current WebCMS, QPS and dio:content. The editors will be able to manage audio, video, images and text for different publications.

We already deployed the solution to many users, without major issues. We are confident that we can build the solutions that meet our users expectations. The solution is very simple for our users, the learning curve is very low.

It is great to work together with PictureSafe for 2 years. We have great support and I hope to realise great solutions together in the futher.


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