The Burda Verlag relies on Picturesafe as provider for the formatting of press releases

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As part of an announcement, the Burda Verlagkoordination GmbH chose Picturesafe GmbH as the provider for the formatting of internal and external press releases. The formatted texts and PDF pages are collected in conjunction with Hubert Burda Media and published for simplified and advanced searching.
Furthermore, the Burda sources developed by Picturesafe will become available to external publishers and press databases.The matured, semantic and analytical technologies in the Picturesafe product, Dio:Semantic, are being optimally used in their turn. Thus, a large part of the service is performed automatically, quickly and reliably.

Brief Project Description:

At this time, Picturesafe is formatting articles for Burda-Verlag (official company name: Hubert Burda Media Holding GmbH & Co. KG, abbreviated HBM) using the print media articles of other publishers as sources. The goal of this document formatting is the preparation of the articles for the HBM internal archive, which have been incorporated by Burda under the name “ContentPool”. The significance of the internal archive is that, when they write articles, Burda editors can research if something in this vein has been written previously by someone else, and they can find these previous articles easily.

Concerning ContentPool, Burda writes that:

The Burda Verlagskoordination GmbH (a subsidiary of the HBM group) operates a Content Management System (ContentPool) for Hubert Burda Media for the acceptance and publication of press releases from the own publishers and the publication of press releases from publishers not associated with HBM (external articles) in a single press pool.

Since the beginning of 2006, Picturesafe has prepared articles from non-Burda sources (external sources) for ContentPool. When the year 2010 starts, we will also format sources coming from Burda itself (internal sources) in addition to a massive expansion of the formatting of external sources.

This article formatting, including all of the supporting software development, represents the services provided by Picturesafe to Burda. In this, the processing path for the external sources differs in principle from that of the internal sources.


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